Syriac Patriarchs Mor Yawsef III Younan and Mor Yawsef Absi visit Holeb (Aleppo), Rûm Orthodox Church in Mersin sets up dozens of sleeping places

HOLEB (ALEPPO), Syria / MERSIN, Turkey – Syriac Catholic Patriarch Mor Yawsef III Younan and Patriarch of the Catholic Melkites Mor Youssef Absi, yesterday visited the city of Holeb (Aleppo) to meet and comfort the bereaved families and victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey.

In comments to our news desk, Mor Yawsef III Younan, who held prayers in Holeb’s Gaziziye neighborhood, thanked all those who provided support to the members of Christian denominations in the natural tragedy. In the community hall of the archdiocese church, the patriarch met displaced people and blessed them. He asked for the quick recovery of the injured, comfort for the homeless, asked for peace on the souls of the dead, and sent condolences to their families.

Melkite Catholic Patriarch Mor Youssef Absi also visited Aleppo where he toured church shelters to give support and comfort to the injured and homeless and listen to their needs. He expressed his solidarity with them and held prayers together. He also presided over the funeral service for priest Imad Dahir who died under the rubble of his collapsed apartment building.

In the Turkish city of Mersin, the Rûm Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel and St. Michael opened its doors to homeless earthquake victims and set up dozens of sleeping places for them. Many houses of worship of different peoples and religions in major cities have done so, including the Alevi Cemevis. The St. Gabriel and Michael Rum Orthodox Church turned its pews into sleeping places and provided food and clothing.