Administration of North and East ready to provide aid without preconditions; Syrian regime demanding half of aid provided

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Sunday, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria announced the opening of all border crossings for humanitarian aid to all affected Syrian regions. However, the Syrian regime still refuses the entry of humanitarian aid unless it is given a portion of it.

Co-Chair of the DAA Media Department Çuan Ibrahim denounced the regime’s blocking of a humanitarian aid convoy destined for Syrian communities affected by the devastating earthquake. He called for political disputes to be set aside amid such a humanitarian catastrophe.

“The Syrian regime has asked that the DAA remove its logo from humanitarian aid, and we agreed, because we only want the aid to be delivered,” said Ibrahim. “The Syrian regime has also asked for half of the aid, and we reluctantly agreed. Despite that, the regime has not allowed the passage of aid until now.”

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Syrian regime requires that the aid be delivered to it, claiming that it will be distributed through the Syrian Red Crescent.

However, the Kurdish Red Crescent refuses to hand aid over for fear of being stolen or distributed to persons that are not in need.

The Kurdish Red Crescent aid convoy consisted of 5 trucks and 2 ambulances equipped with medical equipment attempting to cross through the Al-Tayha Border Crossing in Mabbug (Manbij) countryside, east of Holeb (Aleppo).

According to reports, the Syrian regime asked for 70 tanks of fuel in exchange for the entry of 30 other tanks to the affected areas.

If the Syrian regime continues to block or extort aid, the Kurdish Red Crescent stated that it will return to Zalin (Qamishli).

Local sources in northwestern Syria  reported thefts of humanitarian aid provided by the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) to Cafrin (Afrin) by the Turkish-backed factions of the Syrian National Army (SNA).

The DAA of North East Syria, in addition to its official aid, has launched campaigns to collect humanitarian and financial donations for areas affected by the earthquake in Syria. The DAA donations were sent to those affected regardless of their political affiliation.