Despite facing humanitarian catastrophe of enormous magnitude, Turkey continues its campaign of drone assassinations in North and East Syria

HOLEB and KOBANE, Syria — So far, the death toll is over 36,000 with tens of thousands more injured. Thousands of buildings have collapsed, becoming tombs, and dams damaged, becoming sources of potential future catastrophe.

Despite this devastation and the suffering of its own people, despite the international humanitarian aid and emergency personal pouring into the country from around the world, Turkey has continued its campaign of shelling and targeted assassinations in North and East Syria.

On Tuesday, just one day after the earthquake, North Press Agency reported Turkish forces targeted areas near the town of Tel Rifaat in northern Holeb (Aleppo) with several shells, causing damage to residential homes.

Tel Rifaat, located 35 km north of Holeb city, is home to displaced people from Cafrin (Afrin) since Turkey invaded the region in 2018. The fighting and occupation displaced roughly 300,000 people.

On Sunday, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced that one of its fighters was martyred in a Turkish drone strike in the western countryside of Kobane.

“This afternoon, a car in which one of our fighters was traveling was targeted by a Turkish drone and he was martyred,” said the SDF in a statement. “He was visiting a family in the countryside of Kobane.”

“The whole world is busy sending rescue and aid teams to earthquake affected people, and is trying to save the victims, while Turkey continues to target northern Syria with various types of weapons,” it said.