Iraqi Security Forces kill 6 ISIS terrorists and thwarts terrorist scheme beyond its borders

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Security forces, with the support of the US-led International Coalition, continue to pursue elements of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization both inside and outside Iraq. In recent operations, they killed six ISIS members in Iraq, thwarted a planned terrorist attack of the organization, and arrested ISIS leaders outside Iraq through an intelligence operation carried out in several countries.

The Iraqi intelligence service did not name the non-neighboring country where it thwarted an ISIS plan, however it did state that it arrested a number of the organization’s leaders involved in terrorist crimes in a pre-emptive raid and vigorous follow-up in several countries.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Intelligence Service stated in a written statement on its official website that they were able to thwart a terrorist operation and arrest a number of ISIS leaders involved in terrorist crimes in Iraq and abroad through a qualitative intelligence operation outside the Iraqi borders. The ISIS members arrested outside the country were brought back to Iraq and handed them over to the judicial authorities.

Inside Iraq, security forces managed to kill three ISIS terrorists in Wadi Al-Shay in Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk) Governorate after a three-day operation that culminated in a successful ambush.

According to the Iraqi News Agency, they also managed to kill three other terrorists in Anbar, specifically south of Kubaisa, one of whom was wearing an explosive belt.