Bethnahrin Women’s Union calls on all Syriac women to join in the struggle for women empowerment and participate in the March 8 activities

GERMANY  ꟷ In preparation for International Women’s Day on March 8, the Bethnahrin Women’s Union (Huyodo dꞌNeshe dꞌBethnahrin, HNB) has issued a statement reminding the Syriac people of the important role of women throughout human history. It also announced its activities around and on March 8.

HNB praises the role of women in general and Syriac women in particular, stating that the role of the activist woman is commendable as she has given women a voice and freedom of speech. It argues that as an activist advocacy organization for Syriac women, it has contributed greatly to increasing the role and place of women in politics, media, diplomacy and in the workplace in Iraq, Syria and Tur Abdin.

The ideology of the Bethnahrin National Council has been decisive in this for Syriac women, especially in the Middle East, and helped make women owners of their own opinions. HNB will continue to work to advance the role of women in Syriac society and to be an example to other peoples.

Bethnahrin Women’s Union stresses the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day and calls on all Syriac women to participate in activities on March 8 in support to empower women everywhere and in all fields.

HNB has several activities planned for International Women’s Day, including gatherings and celebrations in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.