Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accuses Iran of recent attack on Israeli-linked tanker

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of being behind a recent attack on an Israeli-linked oil tanker off the coast of Oman. Two crew members, one British and one Romanian, were killed in the attack. The US, UK, and Romania have also condemned the attack and called for an investigation.

The tanker mentioned by Netanyahu is the Campo Square, a crude oil tanker with a Liberian flag. Eletson, the Greek company responsible for managing the vessel, reported that it was struck by an airborne object while navigating the Arabian Sea, around 300 nautical miles (555 kilometers) away from the coasts of India and Oman.

According to Eletson, the crew were unharmed and the tanker’s hull suffered only minor damage. The voyage was completed as scheduled. The tanker’s hull suffered only minor damage.

In a statement, Netanyahu said, “I determine, with absolute certainty, that Iran carried out the attack against the ship.” He added, “Iran is the greatest enemy of Israel, I am determined to halt it. We are working to enlist the world, but as always, we will also know how to act alone.”

The incident has escalated tensions in the region, with Israel vowing to respond to the attack. Iran has denied any involvement in the attack, with a spokesperson for Iran’s foreign ministry calling the allegations “baseless”. However, the US and UK have both stated that they have intelligence suggesting Iran was responsible.

This incident comes amid ongoing tensions between Israel and Iran, with both countries accusing each other of supporting terrorist groups and engaging in cyber attacks. The attack on the oil tanker is the latest in a series of incidents in the region, including attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf and a drone attack on an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman.