First Iraqi mall inspired by Syriac–Assyrian civilization in Nineveh to be opened in Mosul, Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq — Photos and videos circulating online have reported the construction of the first mall inspired by the Syriac–Assyrian civilization in Nineveh, Iraq.

The Ashur Land Mall, located in Mosul, combines the past and present in its design. The mall is situated in the forests of the Sudair region and covers a large area that includes a private parking lot, fountains, and green spaces. It boasts dozens of shops and centers of international brands and goods.

The Ashur Land Mall has a large gate similar to the entrances of Syriac–Assyrian cities in antiquity, in addition to Lamassu statues and Syriac–Assyrian murals that reflect great cultural value. The project’s investors say that the mall idea came about to preserve the history and civilizations of the region that new generations have forgotten. It is also a step towards perpetuating Syriac–Assyrian civilization and culture.