Update on Monday earthquakes in Hatay, Turkey: Hundreds injured, several dead 

HATAY, Turkey / EDLEB and HOLEB, Syria — Exactly two weeks after the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria killing tens of thousands, two new earthquakes struck the region. 

The 6.4 and 5.8 magnitude earthquakes in Hatay also affected northern Syria. People in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt reported feeling tremors. 

Fearing additional building collapses, people in Turkey and Syria took to the streets. The governor of Hatay announced that 6 people were killed in the earthquakes and about 300 others were injured. 

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) also announced that 90 aftershocks were recorded after the most recent earthquakes. 

Several buildings collapsed and a bridge along a major road in Hatay separated by approximately 10cm. Some reports indicated that people were trapped under rubble of the most recent collapses.

In Mersin, schooling was suspended for Tuesday. 

The Syrian Civil Defense in northern Syria, also known as the White Helmets, announced that hundreds were injured. The two earthquakes caused the collapse of several buildings in the countryside of Edleb (Idlib) and Holeb (Aleppo), especially in Atarib, where a number of people were injured. 

Many residents suffered bruises and bone fracture, many of the injuries caused by falls and accidents while they fled their homes in panic. Some reportedly threw themselves from their balconies in fear. Nearly 500 people were said to be in hospitals for their injuries. 

The trauma caused by the 6 February earthquake was so recent, and fear among the residents in northwestern Syria so intense, several people died of sudden heart attacks. 

A girl from Safita, Syria, Nour Daoud, passed away due to a nervous shock brought on by the earthquakes. In Hemto (Hama), an elderly woman passed away of a sudden heart attack. A young man in Holeb suffered the same fate.