Women’s Activities Platform in North and East Syria announces International Women’s Day program

BETH ZALIN, Syria — On Tuesday, the Women’s Activities Platform in North and East Syria announced its program of activities for International Women’s Day on 8 March in the presence of representatives from all women’s organizations and movements in the region. The statement was read in three languages — Syriac, Kurdish, and Arabic — at the municipal stadium in Beth Zalin (Qamishli). Co-Chair of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union Mariana Issa read the statement in Syriac.

In the statement, the platform emphasized that women have played a significant role in society throughout history. Women have been the driving force in shaping and developing societies and a matriarchal society was one that was just and free from violence and wars. However, with the rise of patriarchal hierarchical systems, women have been stripped of their position and sanctity in the pursuit of authoritarian interests.

The program announced by the platform included delivering lectures in all cities and villages of North and East Syria, lighting up the entrances to cities, hanging banners, and organizing marches in all regions on 8 March.

The platform cancelled all parties and artistic bands as a sign of mourning for the victims of the recent earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.