Ownership of Christian property illegally transferred in Iraq using falsified documents 

BAGHDAD — The Baghdad Investigation Directorate of the Department of Investigation and Control unveiled an investigation that showed document tampering and forgery targeting Christian property in Iraq.

One property was forged and registered in the name of Suhad Muhammad Fares and her husband who is an employee in the Reform Directorate. The forgery was in favor of director of the minister’s office Sheikh Haider al-Jubouri.

An investigation was opened by the Follow-up Department and the General Directorate of Property Registration, but it was stopped by the director of the minister’s office. The employees responsible for the forgery were not punished or referred to the judiciary. No lawsuit was filed to invalidate the registration.

The owner of the property is a Christian who passed away outside Iraq.

The investigation indicated that another forgery was carried out by director of the second Karkh Property Registration Department, Alaa Enad, in cooperation with employees, for the purpose of changing the records in favor of Sheikh Haider al-Jubouri.