International Coalition based in North and East Syria targeted in rocket attack  

DAYRO ZCURO, Syria — The U.S.-led International Coalition base located at the Al-Omar Oil Field in eastern Syria, near Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor), was targeted by two 107mm rockets, as confirmed by the Combined Special Ops Joint Task Force – Levant.

According to reports, the rockets were launched yesterday evening and landed close to the Coalition forces stationed at the Green Village. Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported among the US or Coalition forces, and no damage to the Coalition’s infrastructure or equipment was observed as a result of the attack.

“Attacks of this kind place Coalition Forces, Partner Forces, and the civilian populace at risk and undermines the hard-earned stability and security of Syria and the region,” the statement added.

The attack is thought to be retaliation for Sunday’s daytime Israeli air strikes targeting locations around Daramsuq (Damascus). The Syrian regime reported that two Syrian soldiers were wounded in the air strikes.