Syriac Progressive Youth Union participates in forum on Syrian uprising organized by Syrian Democratic Youth Council forum in Hasakah, North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria — To discuss the current state of the political crisis in the country, the Syrian Democratic Youth Council organized a forum in Hasakah, North and East Syria titled “Syrian Crisis, Repercussions and Solutions”. The forum saw the participation of representatives from various youth institutions and movements in North and East Syria, including Co-Chair of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union Mariana Issa.

The forum covered three main topics of discussion: 1) The 12-year-long Syrian uprising and its repercussions, 2) The politicization of the uprising by regional and foreign actors, and 3) Potential solutions to the Syrian crisis.

Although explicitly on the agenda, attendees discussed the initial causes of the Syrian uprising and the role of youth in it.

At the conclusion of the forum, a statement was issued, analyzing the situation in Syria before the Syrian regime came into power, the suppression of freedoms during its rule, and the plight of youth in the country.

The statement emphasized the need for a political solution and urged all Syrian national and democratic forces, including the youth, to come together to reach a Syrian-Syrian solution that guarantees the rights of all ethnic and religious components of Syria.