Survey about dialects, rituals and heritage of Christian community in Mosul, Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq — Amkaabad website published a survey about the Maslawi dialect of the Christians in Mosul, Iraq.

The survey aimed to conduct a comparative study on the Christian culture in Mosul and how it can be preserved from extinction.

The survey was prepared by the researcher at the University of Leicester, UK, Dr. Abdul Karim Yassin. It addressed the Maslawi dialect of the Christian community in Mosul. Their dialect is characterized by phonetic grammatical rules and a special vocal harmony.

The survey also aimed to investigate the views of Christians in Mosul about the Maslawi dialect and the reasons behind their reluctance to speak the Maslawi dialect, which was deeply influenced by the Syriac language.

The survey also addressed the Christian participants views about the continuity of Christian folk dances, carrying out the rituals inherited by the Christians of Mosul on holidays, fasting and preparing special traditional food.

Dr. Yassin presents ideas about the importance of preserving the Christian heritage of Mosul, such as raising people’s awareness about the importance of preserving heritage for future generations, enhancing role of the media, cultural institutions and industries in spreading heritage, and raising awareness among the general public, as well as conducting research on folklore and ancient stories, and documenting and archiving them.