IRAQ: College of Languages at Baghdad University holds a symposium on developing Syriac language

BAGHDAD — With the aim of preserving and developing Syriac language, Syriac Language Department at the College of Languages at Baghdad University held a scientific symposium titled, “Ways to Develop Syriac Language.”

The symposium was attended by teachers, graduates and postgraduates. It was presided over by Head of Syriac Language Department Ammar Abdul Razzaq Khalifa, and delivered by professors of Syriac Language Department.

اللغات تنظم ندوة علمية عن سبل النهوض باللغة السريانية

The symposium focused on role of the Syriac Language Authority in the Iraqi Scientific Academy, in addition to obstacles that impede Syriac language development and comparison between the Syriac language and other Semitic languages.

The researchers called for preserving and developing the Syriac language through diligent and joint work, in all forums that adopt and deal with this ancient language.