Iraqi Parliament passes controversial election law limiting voting for Christian quota seats

BAGHDAD — On Monday, the Iraqi parliament convened to vote on the provincial councils election law, which was met with heated debates and objections from independent MPs. Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi expelled the dissenting MPs, causing further opposition to the law.

The new election law, supported by the major political blocs, has been criticized by emerging political groups as being unfair.

According to the new distribution of Christian seats, voters outside the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) will not be able to vote for Christian candidates in the KRI governorates. Rather, voting for the seats of Erbil and Nohadra (Duhok) will be limited to KRI residents only.

The Iraqi Emtiad Movement denounced the security forces’ violations against the opposition forces, including independent MPs, who refuse to pass the provincial councils law in its current form. They consider these actions as a challenge to the people’s will and a dangerous precedent that contradicts democracy and moral values. Al-Halbousi’s threat to terminate the MPs’ membership has also been condemned as unacceptable.