Bethnahrin National Council congratulates Syriac people on Babylonian Syriac-Assyrian New Year, Akitu 6773

BETH NAHRIN — On the Babylonian Syriac-Assyrian New Year, Akitu 6773, the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a statement, in which it indicated to the greatness of this historic holiday when the Syriac-Chaldean-Assyrian-Aramean people developed agriculture, civilization, heritage and art in the entire region of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia).

The 1st of April is the epic of creation itself. This epic glorifies the geography, renaissance and new life path of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia). It depicts the emergence of our people on the stage of history, their free will and their knowledge which lit up the darkness of ignorance.

The Akitu is considered the first feast in the region. Celebrations were held thousands of years ago by the communities of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia) and the Middle East. The spirit of this feast, with its history, culture and richness, is a revolution of hope, salvation and renewal of life.

The MUB indicated that it adopted struggle for our salvation, as well as unity and resistance. This renewed the spirit of Akitu, and prompted our people to restore their stolen values, and acquire the importance of being strong.

The abhorrent policies that attempt to deny the existence of our people, obliterate and empty our culture of its meanings and prevent them from taking struggle steps with full will, have also been exposed.

All our social organizations celebrate this national holiday to obtain appreciation and respect.

“The Akitu coincides with the advent of spring and renewal of nature. It heralds hope and faith in the freedom of our people, showing our people’s longing for liberation from years of slavery. We live in a pivotal stage according to which our existence is determined, despite all attempts to obliterate our heritage, culture and identity of our people,” read the statement.

“But our voice rings out to all, and our just demands are firmly included on the acting powers agenda due to our international relations. The struggle of our people in our motherland, and the unity of our heritage embodied in Akitu is the responsibility of all.”

The MUB statement indicated that the Middle East is going through multiple economic and political crises, as well as internal conflicts and wars that have burdened it. The Middle East people who demand freedom are being suppressed. But this people keep struggle without fear against arrogance of the brutal and tyrannical powers that wants to break their will and aspirations for freedom and equality.

“Today, our people are subjected to different forms of pressures. Their language, culture, national celebrations and national development are being prevented. The MUB constantly raises the slogan of freedom, calls for unity and solidarity and supports its struggle,” the MUB statement concluded.