French delegation visits North and East Syria and reaffirms support for Autonomous Administration

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On 31 March, the day before Akitu, French parliamentarians from various French political movements visited North and East Syria.

The French delegation visited the headquarters of the External Relations Commission of the Autonomous Administration (AANES) and were received by Deputy Co-Chairs Rubel Bahho and Fener al-Geit, as well as members of the Administrative Body.

The visiting delegation included French Senators from the French Communist Party Pierre Laurent and Laurence Cohen, and French MP for the Green Party Marie Pochon.

During the meeting, they discussed the general situation in Syria and especially in North and East Syria. They also talked about the challenges facing AANES, the trial of the Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, and the ongoing Turkish violations and continuous bombardment of the region.

The delegation confirmed their support for the people of the region, emphasizing that they will not forget the sacrifices made during the fight against ISIS on behalf of the whole world.

The members of the delegation stated that France is taking initiatives to support the region.

The delegation also visited the headquarters of the AANES General Council, the AANES Executive Council, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

They met with Co-Chairs and Deputies of various AANES institutions and discussed a number of issues with them. They commended the role of AANES and the people of North and East Syria in sacrificing to eliminate terrorism.

The delegation stated, “French support in the next stage will not be limited to security but will include development and economic projects and the exchange of experiences.”

The three-day visit concluded with a press conference held in the headquarters of the Foreign Relations Commission in Zalin (Qamishli). During the press conference, they confirmed that this visit was a good opportunity to see firsthand the situation in the region.

They also declared that they will work to provide more assistance to North and East Syria on the local and international arena. The delegation indicated that the meetings they held were important and fruitful, showing the importance of the unity of the region’s ethnic components in combating terrorism and facing challenges. They stated that the AANES project is a democratic project and a model for the broader region.

During the conference, they also announced that they will try to provide more capabilities for the SDF to confront ISIS. They will also try to solve the issue of Turkey cutting off water, opening a humanitarian crossing for North and East Syria, and ensure the ethnic and religious diversity of the region.