Co-Chair of Executive Council of Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Gabriel Shamoun: Recent meetings between Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Syrian regime

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Gabriel Shamoun, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and member of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria, stated via the official AANES website that recent meetings between Turkey, Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime are a continuation of the Astana track, whose decisions often go against the AANES project and serve the interests of these powers only and not the Syrian people.

“Iran has a great influence in the areas under the control of the Syrian government,” he said. “It is keen to enter into these meetings to serve its projects within its areas of influence and achieve its interests in Syria.”

Regarding the results of these meetings, Shamoun pointed out that they cannot be predicted but can be similar to the outcomes of previous meetings, such as the Astana decisions that included demographic changes in the regions of North and East Syria, the tragic situation in the northwestern regions of Syria, as well as the attempts to attack the AANES project politically and militarily.

Shamoun indicated that these countries have common and conflicting interests, but they do not serve the interests of the Syrian people. Instead, they continue to advance their own interests and agreements at the expense of the Syrian people. The interests of these countries do not serve a comprehensive political solution that guarantees the future of a democratic, pluralistic Syria and the recognition of all ethnic and religious components of Syria.