Bethnahrin National Council extends Easter congratulations

BETH NAHRIN — On the occasion of Feast of Resurrection, the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a congratulatory telegram, in which it congratulated all the Syriac-Chaldean-Assyrian people, especially the Catholics.

“Amid the current political situation throughout the Middle East and Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Christians are still subjected to all kinds of pressures. The violation of freedom of belief displaces people from their homelands. Thousands of Christians were forced to disclose their beliefs, they suffer great difficulties in practicing their religious feasts rituals,” read the MUB statement.

The MUB stressed that the way to change this pressure-filled situation is to form a democratic administration, because any area devoid of freedom, human rights and rule of law cannot be a suitable place to live in joy and coexistence.

The way to overthrow the oppressing administrations that exclude the ethnic components is to apply principles based on Christ teachings that calls for peace, equality and coexistence.

The MUB emphasized the necessity to recognize all peoples’ heritage, identity and historical values, to ensure that they can celebrate their feasts freely, joyfully and in the spirit of resurrection.

The MUB added that with the advent of Resurrection Feast, the Middle East and the whole world will overcome slavery for salvation and development to clearly appear.

“The Syriac-Chaldean-Assyrian-Aramean people succeeded, due to their belief in uniting their historical values to continue struggle against difficult circumstances and authoritarian regimes,” the MUB stated. “Salvation and freedom that the MUB initiated was accomplished due to belief in its progressive struggle. The MUB struggle is to guarantee celebrating our religious and national holidays in peace in the homeland of ancestors. Representing our people identity reflects the nation’s renaissance.”

The MUB struggle is based on laws of Lord Christ for coexistence, freedom and justice. Reviving our feasts, which is an essential part of our historical heritage and faith, is also considered a human and religious duty.

On Feast of Resurrection, the MUB congratulate heads of our churches, families of martyrs, our Catholic people and Christians of the whole world. We wish them peace and free living.


MUB Presidential Committee