Nazira Goreya Resigns as Co-Chair of DAA Executive Council in North and East Syria after pioneering work for equality among ethnic components

AMUDA, Syria — The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) held its third session of the Legislative Council in Amuda. The session was attended by the co-chairs of the Executive Council and General Council, as well as the co-chairs of AANES institutions in Gozarto (Jazira) Region.

The session opened with a minute of silence in remembrance of martyrs, followed by the reading of the previous session report in AANES’s three official languages — Syriac, Arabic, and Kurdish. Co-Chair of the AANES General Council Siham Quryo then presented the report on the Council’s work, which included an assessment of the political situation and a discussion of organizational and administrative matters.

During the session, the work of the Legislative and Executive Councils was extended for a maximum of six months in accordance with the law. During the session, the Office of Religious Affairs and Beliefs was dissolved, and Amal al-Khater was appointed as new Co-Chair of the Agriculture and Irrigation Authority in Gozarto Region.

The resignation of Co-Chair of the Executive Council Nazira Goreya was also approved, with Vivian Bahho Oussi was appointed as her replacement.

Goreya, who had served as the Co-Chair of the AANES Legislative Council in Gozarto Region when AANES was first established, was then appointed as Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Gozarto. During her time on both councils, Goreya was a driving force behind their success and played a pivotal role in achieving equality among all ethnic components. Goreya was also one of the pioneering women who has represented the AANES in foreign countries. In recognition of her efforts, the AANES of Gozarto Region presented her with an honorary shield at the end of the session.