Bethnahrin National Council: Feast of Resurrection embodies Syriac people’s struggle for freedom

BETH NAHRIN — On Feast of Resurrection, according to the Julian calendar, the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a statement entitled “Feast of Resurrection embodies Syriac people’s struggle for freedom.

The MUB stated that the Resurrection of the Lord Christ is an expression of freedom, salvation from death, hope and love for our people and humanity. It is also a source of resistance and light against darkness.

“The Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean-Aramean people, for hundreds of years, were under the yoke of foreign rulers who practiced the most severe types of cruelty against them, until they were torn apart and dispersed. Therefore, they lost their most precious values, but they believed in the Resurrection of our Redeemer and living freely with the Lord Christ,” read the statement.

The MUB added that this people organized themselves and showed their ability to defend their existence on the soil of their holy land. The core and goal on which this people were raised is their historical roots that inspired them and gave them the spirit of life as a society, identity, language and heritage.

“In order to live in freedom and dignity in the land of ancestors, we must develop our potential, offer more sacrifices and show our will to get rid of the chains of slavery,” the statement added.

The MUB declared that the forces that seized our civilization and sources cannot in any way accept our renaissance on the stage of history. They deny and reject the existence of a people with roots and status in the Middle East, while we play a positive role in the political, economic and social arena.

The MUB stated that those occupying powers are afraid of losing the state that they established, that is why they try to obliterate our festivals, faith, religion, sacred values, and even our historical monuments. In addition to their endeavor to paralyze our will of revolutionary and national resistance.

“We must expose policies and confront psychological warfare with determination, by organizing ourselves in the spirit of Resurrection and obtaining support from world powers. The land of ancestors, the Syriac language and the struggle for freedom are sacred for us. So, we have no other path but resistance,” the MUB statement stressed.

“The ruling authorities, who still believe in genocide, have closed all roads, leaving no room for human rights and coexistence. Therefore, we must defend our existence, will and freedom against those who carry the authoritarian mentality and work against democracy.

We must publish for the world facts about our people and the policy followed to dissolve and annihilate us. Those who adopt resurrection as their life philosophy, do not shirk from struggle and sacrifice for the sake of their principles.”

The MUB declared that it struggles for freedom, identity and salvation of Syriac people, within a democratic system.

“On Feast of Resurrection, we congratulate our religious leaders, people, families of martyrs of our struggle and all Orthodox Christians. We ask for freedom and a brilliant future for our people,” the MUB concluded.