Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria presents democratic initiative to solve Syrian crisis

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Tuesday, the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria (AANES) has presented an initiative to solve the Syrian crisis in a democratic manner and implement international resolutions concerning the Syrian conflict. This comes after the failure of previous attempts to reach a comprehensive political solution to end the exacerbated suffering of the Syrian people, alongside new rounds of political negotiations in Syria.

The AANES announced its initiative on its official website and social media, stating that the Syrian people cannot continue to endure this disastrous humanitarian situation and are waiting for a peaceful solution that guarantees security, stability, democracy, and a free, decent life in their country.

The initiative stressed the importance of including all political forces — such as political parties, women’s organizations, and youth organizations — in shaping the future and formation of Syria’s administration, regardless of their size. This inclusivity is key in achieving peace and stability, said AANES officials.

The initiative outlined several essential points, such as a willingness to meet with the Syrian government, engaging in dialogue about a democratic solution, emphasizing the unity of Syria and its territory, acknowledging the rights of the Syrian people — including those of all ethnic and religious backgrounds — and implementing a decentralized system, building on the experience of the Autonomous Administration.

The initiative also underlined that economic wealth and resources, including oil and gas, must be distributed fairly among all Syrian regions, and this should be achieved through democratic dialogue with the Syrian government.