Co-Chair of Syriac Union Party welcomes North and East Syria’s initiative for resolving Syrian crisis

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria Sanharib Barsom has welcomed the initiative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) on finding a solution for the ongoing Syrian crisis. He remarked that this initiative has come at a time when Arab countries are also taking steps to resolve the crisis.

Barsoum stressed the need for the international community to play an active role in finding solutions and putting an end to the Syrian people’s suffering. He highlighted the ineffectiveness of previous international meetings in Geneva and Astana and the marginalization of the AANES’s role in Syria.

Speaking about the AANES initiative, Barsom appreciated its positive provisions, including demands for Syrian territorial unity, democratic change, and the participation of all ethnic groups in the resolution process.

“The Autonomous Administration provided solutions regarding the dossier of the displaced people and economy,” Barsom stated. “It called on the Syrian government to adopt dialogue and consensus on the future shape of Syria.” He indicated that the solution model proposed by the DAA is also, in the SUP opinion, the most appropriate for future Syria.