Lebanese citizens protest living conditions and political corruption amid heavy security deployment

BEIRUT — Earlier this week, a large significant number of Lebanese citizens converged on Riad al-Solh Square in central Beirut to take part in a demonstration organized by the Association of Lebanese Depositors and Retired Military. The demonstration aimed to voice their dissatisfaction with the deteriorating living conditions and worsening political corruption.

Lebanese authorities responded by deploying a significant number of security personnel from both the internal security forces and the army, leading to a heavily guarded environment. Despite this, the protesters succeeded in closing the entrance to the Prime Minister’s headquarters, known as the Grand Serail, from the sides of Riad al-Solh and Zuqaq al-Blat.

As the demonstrators tried to remove the barbed wire around the Grand Serail, the security forces resorted to using tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The retired soldiers and demonstrators made clear their demand for an increase in their pension payments that reflects the rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar, which has currently surpassed the 100,000 Lebanese pounds threshold.