Qatari spokesperson affirms uncompromising principles and support for Syrian people in recent interview

DOHA — Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Dr. Majid bin Muhammad al-Ansari spoke to Al-Sharq Media Network about the principles and values that guide Qatari diplomacy.

“Qatari diplomacy is based on non-negotiable principles and values, such as standing with the truth, achieving justice, supporting the oppressed, and ensuring the rights of peoples to self-determination,” stated al-Ansari.

Regarding the Syrian crisis and Arab efforts to return Syria to the Arab League, al-Ansari expressed hope that the crisis would be resolved in a way that fulfills the Syrian people’s aspirations for security and stability. “This is not only Qatar’s stance, as the decision to return Syria to the Arab League is a general Arab decision,” he stated.

Al-Ansari declared that most Arab countries that had taken a decision against the Syrian regime have not yet found reasons to end the freeze on Syria’s membership, as the reasons for the freeze still exist. He emphasized that Qatar’s stance remains firm unless there is a real political-diplomatic solution that fulfills the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Al-Ansari stressed that Qatar’s condemnation of the crimes committed against the Syrian people was clear and necessary. “These crimes cannot be subject to a statute of limitations,” he said. “A real price must be paid to the Syrian people.”