Syrian Network for Human Rights condemns attempts to restore relations with Syrian regime despite ongoing violations

DARAMSUQ — The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) has condemned attempts by some Arab countries to restore relations with the Syrian regime, which continues to violate international law and the rights of millions of victims.

The Syrian regime is still hiding 96,000 Syrian detainees who are subjected to torture and has killed 200,000 civilians, including almost 23,000 children, with no accountability, according to SNHR. The regime has also been accused of indiscriminately bombing civilians with barrel bombs and using chemical weapons, leading to the displacement of many Syrian people.

SNHR has urged countries seeking to restore relations with the Syrian regime to consider a number of recommendations. These include the release of approximately 136,000 political detainees, the abolition of exceptional courts and all decisions issued by them, the return of looted and seized lands and property to their rightful owners, and the accountability of those responsible for violations against the Syrian people.

Restoring relations with the Syrian regime is not only an offense to the Arab countries themselves but also sends the wrong message to their people that they support a regime that has committed crimes against humanity at the expense of millions of victims. The SNHR’s report highlights the need to hold the Syrian regime accountable for its actions and work towards achieving justice for the Syrian people.