Syrian dissident Samir Azzam commends Democratic Autonomous Administration’s initiative for a political solution 

SUWAYDA, Syria — In comments to our news desk, the Syrian activist and dissident Samir Azzam stated that the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) has not stopped offering dialogue initiatives with all parties to the conflict in all directions, but the response is often ignorance or setting impossible conditions by other parties. 

Azzam described this initiative as good, but it is unfortunate that it was not heard by the government of the Syrian regime, which responded to it in a completely opposite way, by holding Moscow meetings with Russia, Turkey and Iran. 

Therefore, the UN Security Council resolutions and their implementation is the best way to solve the Syrian crisis. 

“Nothing can end the suffering of the Syrian people, except for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions and the resolutions of international legitimacy, otherwise the Iranian-Russian-Turkish tyranny and terrorism will continue to circumvent the rights of the Syrian people,” Azzam concluded.