The Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces continue to pursue ISIS remnants in North and East Syria 

KOBANI, DAYRO ZCURO, Syria — The Internal Security Forces (ISF) in North and East Syria arrested 3 members of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Srin town in the countryside of Kobani. 

In a statement, the ISF announced that, by following up and pursuing ISIS cells, they obtained information about two dens of ISIS cells. 

“On Friday, the ISF Special Forces carried out an operation in Srin and another one in Al-Baghuz in the countryside of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor), which resulted in the arrest of an ISIS leader and the confiscation of a weapon and four magazines. 

The statement stated that flags of ISIS and Turkey, as well as forged documents, cellular devices were seized in the possession of those arrested.  

The statement also confirmed that the anti-terrorism forces continue to arrest those who undermine security and stability, and called for reporting any suspicious movements to security check points. 

In related news, the Combined Special Operations Joint Tasks Force of the U.S.-led International Coalition announced that the SDF had carried out a unilateral raid, under the supervision of the Coalition. 

The raid resulted in the arrest of an ISIS logistical leader called Salih Dahmash in the desert of the Dashisha, southeast of Hasakah, Syria. 

Brig. Gen. Claude Tudor stated that the SDF had proven their ability to carry out a successful independent operation. 

The arrest of Dahmash would degrade ISIS ability to smuggle both aid and personnel between Iraq and Syria.