Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch dismisses Patriarchal Delegate in Sweden for embezzlement and material abuses

DARAMSUQ — Patriarch John X, head of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East, has taken action against Archimandrite Jean Mansour, the Patriarchal Delegate in Sweden, following an investigation that revealed embezzlement and material abuses of the parish’s funds, as well as Mansour’s affiliation with an unrecognized church. As a result, Mansour has been dismissed and the parish council has been dissolved.

According to a statement from the Antiochian Orthodox Media Center, the investigation was supervised by Bishop Athanasius Fahd, who found that Mansour had committed several transgressions, including joining an unrecognized church.

The statement also revealed that Mansour and officials in the parish council had exploited the parish’s funds and real estate by selling the church building and its annexes and entering into a lease contract with the new owner without the knowledge of the parish or the patriarchate. Additionally, it appeared that at least one of the parish officials was involved in arranging exorbitant debts owed by the parish to other parties.

As a result of these findings, Patriarch John X has reversed Mansour’s appointment as Patriarchal Delegate to the Scandinavian countries and dissolved the parish council of the Church of Santa Maria Södertälje. He has appointed Archimandrite Anthony al-Bitar as the new delegate to Scandinavian countries and instructed him to establish a new parish council. Furthermore, the Patriarch has instructed al-Bitar to take legal action to restore the rights and property lost due to the material transgressions and to hold those responsible accountable.