St. Paul’s House holds 16th annual competition in Christian education and Syriac language in Baghdede, Iraq

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — St. Paul’s House for Church Services in the Nineveh Plains town of Baghdede, Iraq, recently held its 16th annual competition in Christian education, which included categories for written and spoken Syriac language.

The event concluded with a large celebration attended by Bishop Behnam Soni, Bishop Mansur Metosha, Father Stefanos the Writer, the director of St. Paul’s House for Church Services, school principals, teachers, those interested in Syriac affairs, and a large number of participants and their families.

Baghdede-based Voice of Peace radio station, which covered the celebration, said:

The questions for the competition were supervised by the deacon Issam Mikha Yako, Mrs. Fadia Belhad Haddad, and Father Stefanos the Writer. The questions of Christian education were from the Gospel of Mark. The questions of the Syriac language were general and comprehensive, while the questions on spoken Syriac were from the Baghdeda dialect.

The competition was announced on 17 April, with 28 April being the last day for submitting answers to be included in the lottery drawing for winners. As a result of the lottery, 16 participants were chosen as winners and received prizes, which were distributed by Bishop Mansour Metosha.

The competition serves as a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their skills in Christian education and the Syriac language, which holds a significant place in the cultural and religious heritage of Nineveh Plains. The event also highlights the importance of preserving and promoting Syriac language and culture in the region.