Syriac Writers and Authors Union honors Malfono Bashir al-Torli for distinguished contribution to Syriac language and history

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq — In the Nineveh Plains village of Bahzani, Iraq, the Syriac Writers and Authors Union and the Mor Gorgis Church collaborated to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Union’s founding and to honor Malfono (professor) Bashir al-Torli.

The event began with a moment of silence for martyrs, followed by a speech from Rond Bulos, the head of the Union. Bulos stated that this event was part of the Union’s program to acknowledge the distinguished contributions of writers in the service of the Syriac language and history.

Khuroyo Afram Benyamin, the pastor of Mor Gorgis Church in Bahzani, spoke about the town’s history, and Imad Salem Jajo, the Director General of Syriac studies, praised Malfono al-Torli’s role in preparing Syriac language school curricula.

Malfono al-Torli then delivered a lecture entitled “The Syriac Language and Its Importance in Translation and Education” discussing how the Syriac language enriches other languages with its vocabulary and the significance of translating books.

The Syriac Writers and Authors Union presented al-Torli with the shield of distinction and creativity to honor his outstanding role in publishing and preparing Syriac language curricula. The Mor Gorgis Church also presented a shield to Al-Torli, in appreciation of his service to Syriac history.