Turkey continues to cut off water from Syria and Iraq

HASAKAH, Syria — With the advent of summer, which is accompanied by a severe shortage and scarcity of water, the Turkey cuts off water from the Alouk station in the countryside of Hasakah.

On Thursday, the Water Directorate in Hasakah issued a statement in which it denounced the cutting off of water to Hasakah.

“In summer, the fear of water scarcity increases in Hasakah and Tel Tamr and its countryside, since they depend on Alouk station as their single water source. Alouk has been under Turkish occupation for four years, and Turkey weaponize water against the residents,” read the statement.

The statement added that the DAA officials did not spare any effort to ease the water crisis. No party helps the DAA in securing water, rather they are trying to mislead the people that they are helping.

The statement called on all those concerned with humanitarian affairs to break silence and prevent this humanitarian disaster.

In related news, Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Aoun Dhiab confirmed that Iraq receives only about 50 % of the output of the Euphrates River, in exchange for acceptable output from the Tigris River.