Syriac Union Party and Democratic Union Party discuss political developments in Syria and reinforce ties

ZALIN, Syria — In an effort to strengthen political ties and discuss the current political situation in Syria, a delegation from the Democratic Union Party (PYD) visited the Syriac Union Party (SUP) at its headquarters in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria.

The PYD delegation included Co-Chair Asia Abdullah and Co-Chairs of the PYD Relations Office Sama Bakdash and Sihanouk Dibo. They were received by SUP Co-Chairs Nazira Goreya and Sanharib Barsom.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest political developments in Syria and the wider region, including the importance of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria’s (AANES) initiative for a political solution in Syria. They agreed that this initiative is critical now that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is being internationally rehabilitated and could benefit all Syrians, both in the country and abroad.

The two parties also touched on the issue of regional countries’ attempts to forge closer ties with the Syrian regime. They stressed the need to consider the demands of the Syrian people, including those of all ethnic groups, to bring about the necessary democratic change.

Overall, the PYD and SUP agreed to continue holding meetings, cooperating, and exchanging views in order to consolidate their relationship and work towards a more democratic future for Syria.