Despite Arab League decision to re-admit Syria, EU stands firm on non-normalization with Syrian regime, sanctions, and reconstruction

BRUSSELS — Despite the Arab League’s decision to return the Syrian regime to its seat in the Council of the League of Arab States, the European Union announced that it will still adheres to its position against normalizing relations with the Syrian regime, against lifting current sanctions, and against participating in reconstruction without political change.

EU spokesman Peter Stano stated to Al-Arabiya-Al-Hadath Network, “The EU countries will discuss this week the repercussions of Syria’s return to the Arab League.”

Nothing has changed about the European Union’s position towards Syria,” reaffirmed EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell. “The current sanctions are still in effect, and the basic condition for normalizing relations with the Syrian regime is a political change in the country.”

A spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry announced in Berlin, “In this regard, unfortunately, nothing has changed in reality on the ground to allow support for reconstruction and lifting sanctions, and therefore we see that there are currently no conditions for a dignified return of refugees.”

The White House issued a statement on Monday, denouncing normalization with the Syrian regime. It mentioned that US President Joe Biden has extended the state of emergency for an additional year regarding Syria, stating, “The actions of the Syrian regime still constitute a threat for the national security and foreign policy of the United States of America.”