Beth Nahrin Organization for Women empowers healing through art in Bashiqa, Iraq

BASHIQA, Iraq — The Beth Nahrin Organization for Women (BNOW) in the Nineveh Plains town of Bashiqa, Iraq, successfully concluded its second project on Trauma Treatment Through Painting, culminating in an exhibition held on Saturday at the Lalish Center Hall.

Supported by the Dutch non-profit organization Stichting Ismael, the exhibition garnered significant attendance, including the presence of Sheikh Omar Elias, head of the Yezidi Council, and Mullah Ismail Abd al-Rahman. Families of the participating students, as well as a large gathering of Bashiqa residents, were also in attendance.

The event commenced with a warm welcome speech delivered by BNOW President Hanan Matti Tuma, emphasizing that peace is a universal message that can be expressed through various art forms.

“To be truly human is to embody the values of compassion, love, and peace in all aspects of life,” Tuma stated.

The exhibition showcased the remarkable artworks created by both male and female students who participated in the self-expression through drawing course organized by BNOW. The course was expertly supervised by drawing teacher Salar Jalal Sabry, assisted by Suhair Ehsaa, and guided by psychology teacher Hadeer Hilal Hasan.