Bethnahrin Patriotic Union delegation visits Baghdede, Iraq

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — As part of their ongoing series of visits, a delegation from the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union (Huyodo Bethnahrin Athroyo, HBA), Baghdede Committee, recently paid a visit to Baghdede Municipality in Nineveh Plains in Iraq. The delegation engaged in discussions with municipal officials, focusing on various aspects, including the municipality’s initiatives and preparations for the recent visit of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani to the region. Additionally, the talks highlighted the vital role of citizens in maintaining environmental cleanliness to improve the current situation.

The delegation comprised prominent members, including Baghdede Committee official Samer Khaled Chamoun, member of the HBA Political Bureau Ronak Elias, and member of the HBA Executive Bureau Ma’reb Imad. Their visit provided an opportunity to exchange insights and ideas, fostering collaboration between the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union and Baghdede Municipality.

Expressing gratitude for the visit, Rami Khidir Sony, the director of the municipality, extended his appreciation to the delegation. He also conveyed his well wishes for their continued success in their endeavors.

The visit by the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union delegation to Baghdede Municipality serves as a testament to the importance of constructive engagement and cooperation between political entities and local administrative bodies. Such interactions pave the way for joint efforts in advancing the region’s development, addressing community needs, and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for all residents.