Christian Front of Lebanon warns against Hezbollah’s bid to impose presidential candidate, urges unity against Iranian influence

BEIRUT — The Christian Front of Lebanon expressed concern over the growing influence of Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies in the upcoming presidential elections. The Front accused Hezbollah of disregarding democratic principles and attempting to impose its candidate on the Lebanese people.

In its weekly meeting, the Christian Front called upon all independent Lebanese parties, members of parliament, organizations, public figures, and religious authorities to resist the arrogance and hegemony of Hezbollah. The Front highlighted Hezbollah’s militant tactics and boasts about its weaponry and terrorism.

The Christian Front firmly believes that leaving the presidential post vacant is preferable to allowing Hezbollah to impose its candidate against the will of the Lebanese people, particularly the Christians.

“The victory of the Hezbollah candidate would result in the erosion of the Lebanese people’s dignity, pride, democracy, and civilization,” added the Front.

Furthermore, the Front emphasizes that the infringement upon the rights and official positions of Christians in Lebanon, coupled with attempts to marginalize them, especially in the context of the presidency, necessitates a united Christian uprising within churches and political parties.

This ongoing abnormality aims to weaken Christians further and suppress the will of other religious denominations, ultimately undermining the fabric of Lebanese society, according to the Front.

The Christian Front asserts that Iranian influence has created a reality in which armed strength determines the fate and rights of the Christian and Lebanese populations. This control undermines state institutions and fosters a power vacuum that leads to humiliating settlements, rendering everyone false witnesses.