TURKEY: Syriac villages unite against transgressions of Kurdish shepherds during meeting in Tur Izlo

TUR IZLO, Turkey — Following a recent attack on Syriac villagers in the village of Sidari by Kurdish shepherds, representatives from seven Syriac villages in Tur Izlo (Mount Izla) convened for a meeting.

Sidari is located in the historic Tur Abdin region in southeastern Turkey,

Mikhail Akbaba, the representative of Sidari, emphasized the importance of unity among Syriac communities in response to these transgressions, highlighting the meeting as a crucial step towards deterring such violations with collective efforts.

Akbaba further announced that a decision had been made to prohibit Kurdish shepherds from entering all the villages in Tur Izlo. This measure will be implemented through collaboration with a committee formed by representatives from all the villages.

Expressing gratitude, Mikhail Akbaba extended his thanks to the religious leaders, village mayors, Syriac figures, and federations that supported this meeting, demonstrating their commitment to confronting the violations.

Particularly, he acknowledged the attendance and support of Syriac member of the Turkish Parliament George Aryo who expressed solidarity with the established committees. Akbaba expressed hope that their unified efforts would effectively combat the violations against the Syriac community.