135 Syrian organizations urge Lebanon to halt forced deportation of Syrian refugees and call for UN protection and safe return

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a united appeal, 135 Syrian organizations have urged Lebanese authorities to cease the practice of forcibly deporting Syrian refugees back to Syria.

Expressing grave concerns, these organizations highlighted the potential dangers faced by the refugees upon their return, including the risks of torture and persecution at the hands of the Syrian regime and its security apparatus.

The joint statement also commends the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) for its proactive stance.

AANES announced its readiness to receive Syrian refugees deported from Lebanon, emphasizing its commitment to providing an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment for all Syrians.

Furthermore, the statement calls upon relevant United Nations bodies to take immediate and decisive action to safeguard the rights of Syrian refugees, ensuring their protection and facilitating a safe return if desired. Additionally, it urges the provision of adequate support to camps and shelters for internally displaced individuals, the restoration of essential services, and the reopening of the Al-Yarubiyah (Tel Koçer) border crossing to facilitate the entry of vital humanitarian aid.