Hezbollah’s live ammunition military maneuvers elicit concern and criticism in Lebanon

BEIRUT — The recent military maneuvers conducted by Hezbollah, utilizing live ammunition, in response to security tensions in the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, have sparked controversy. The Christian Front issued a statement expressing their negative response to these exercises, which they believe pose a threat to Lebanon’s internal security.

In their statement, the Front accused Hezbollah of committing acts of segregation, discrimination, and violating the constitution and laws by overstepping the boundaries of the resistance axis, logic, convergence, legitimacy, and citizenship.

The Front highlighted the gravity of these actions, emphasizing their potential to further dismantle the country and undermine the rule of law, hindering any opportunity for rebuilding Lebanon in a manner that befits its people.

Additionally, the Front drew attention to the expulsion of Lebanese citizens from Sidon beach over allegedly “indecent bathing suits”, an incident that has stirred public protest. They allege that Hezbollah, through its supporters in the Resistance Brigades group, orchestrated this expulsion, describing it as a crime and a violation of personal public freedoms. The Front claims that such actions are intended to incite sectarian strife and divide the Lebanese population.

Samir Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces party, expressed his strong disapproval of Hezbollah’s military exercises in a tweet. Geagea stated that these maneuvers are completely unacceptable, especially at a time when the Lebanese people are tirelessly working to rebuild their state and regain Arab and international confidence.

He asserts that Hezbollah’s message to all Lebanese citizens and the global community is clear: they will not allow the establishment of a functional state in Lebanon, regardless of the efforts made.