Universal Syriac Union Party organizes symposium on Syrian humanitarian and economic displacement in Zahle, Lebanon

ZAHLE, Lebanon — Amidst the internal situation in Lebanon and the challenging humanitarian conditions faced by Syrian refugees, the issue of their presence in the country has gained significant prominence. To address this pressing matter, the coordinator of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Zahle, Lebanon, organized a symposium titled “Syrian Humanitarian and Economic Displacement” on Saturday.

The USUP issued an official statement, announcing the symposium that took place in Zahle. Distinguished attendees included USUP Assistant Secretary-General for Regional Affairs Joseph Hamzo, head of the Kataeb region of Zah Danny Fayyad, Commissioner of the Free Patriotic Party in Zahle Fares Chamoun, head of the Zahle Merchants Association Ziad Saadeh, representative of the Tashnak Party in Zahle Khajak Palolian, representative of the Bar Association in the spiritual courts of Zahle Najib Kaadi, head of the civil society department in Zahle Rabih Mina, head of the cultural council in Zahle Maroun Makhoul, USUP Coordinator in Zahle Sandra Kfoury, Father Tony Rizk, and a diverse audience comprising officials from various associations, local leaders (mukhtars), and members of the coordinating body.

During the symposium, Zahle mayor Assad Zughaib highlighted the crucial role of municipalities in organizing Syrian refugees in Lebanon. He emphasized the municipality’s effective efforts in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis within its limited resources, despite international pressure and the weak response from the Lebanese government.

Zughaib also presented serious and practical solutions that the Zahle municipality is currently studying and striving to implement. The USUP’s statement concluded by acknowledging the productive discussions held between the attendees and the mayor, addressing various legitimate issues and concerns.