German Police raid 19 homes, arrest 7 in connection with ISIS financing

BERLIN — German police conducted raids on 19 homes across the country, including Berlin, resulting in the arrest of seven individuals involved in the collection of funds and financing activities for the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. Among the detainees, four are of German-Moroccan descent, with the others from Kosovo and Turkey.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that the detainees are facing charges related to their affiliation with an international network supporting ISIS activities in Syria through financial donations. Their involvement in this illicit enterprise dates back three years, during which they utilized the messaging app Telegram to solicit donations.

Prosecutors have revealed that their network encompassed financial intermediaries responsible for collecting funds and establishing accounts for donations. These funds were subsequently transferred to terrorists in Syria or specific intermediaries with the intention of supporting ISIS members held in detention camps in northern Syria, as well as financing the escape of these terrorists. Shockingly, the network managed to amass a sum of €65,000 through these illicit transactions.