Researcher in terrorist groups affairs: Turkey benefits from ISIS presence to justify its presence in the Syrian territory

 NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Journalist and researcher specializing in terrorist groups affairs Lamar Arkandi stated that the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS) still exists despite its weakness, due to a popular base that provides it with support to carry out its terrorist operations.

In an interview with Hawar News Agency, Arkandi indicated that the U.S.-led International Coalition should further pressure the governments of countries from which ISIS came, and push them to repatriate their citizens and prosecute them there.

“The great danger of Al-Hol camp stems from the governments abandonment of their ISIS citizens, but the most catastrophic danger is in the large monthly births inside the camp, up to 60 or more births per month. They are born without documentation papers that prove their nationality. These children are born as a result of an ISIS fatwa (ruling) permitting women to marry male children over 12,” Arkandi stated.

She declared that many parties benefit from ISIS presence, including Turkey, because its presence guarantees Turkey continued occupation of the Syrian territory under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

The U.S.-led International Coalition stressed its continued tasks in North and East Syria, especially its continued support to ISIS camps and detention centers. Despite this, the Coalition is being criticized for its failure in dossier of ISIS detainees and their repatriation.