Samir Geagea considers June 14 is a turning point in Lebanon history and does not expect any good from the opposition

BEIRUT — Head of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea considered that 14th June is a turning point in the history of Lebanon, and that whoever presents a white paper or a name other than the proposed candidates, or slogans, contributes with the axis of opposition to obstructing the election of a new president for Lebanon.

Geagea comments were within an interview to the Lebanese National News Agency, in which he affirmed that Lebanon is not experiencing an ordinary political crisis, but rather a deeper existential crisis.

Geagea added that the Amal Movement and the Hezbollah would not accept any name we put forward as a candidate for the Lebanese presidency. They neither want head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franji nor Jihad Azour.

“The aim of the resistance is either a president that obeys it or no presidential elections,” he added.

He indicated that he does not expect any good from the opposition, after it brought the country to this situation.

“How can we expect a positive step from the opposition, and all that it cares for is the implementation of its huge project that is different from ours and far from the interest of the country,” Geagea wondered.

It was reported that there is an initial agreement by some political forces in the Lebanese Parliament to nominate the former minister, Jihad Azour.

Earlier, Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri called for electing a president on 14th June, within the due Lebanese Parliament session.