Christian Front renews its demand for federalism in Lebanon

BEIRUT — During its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Ashrafieh, the Christian Front issued a statement, after the failure of the parliament to choose a new president for Lebanon.

The Front considered that goal of the Shiite, which controls the central Lebanese state through its pro-Iranian military militias, has become clear to everyone inside and outside Lebanon.

“The Shiite aims to prolong the vacuum in the position of the presidency of Lebanon.,” the Front declared.

The Front added that what the militia had done in the last parliament session, and its disruption of quorum for the second session, is nothing but irrefutable proof of the prevailing abnormal situation.

The Front confirmed that the Shiite main goal now is to control the remaining Christian positions in the state, and impose a nominal Christian president that serves the axis of resistance and its subversive project.

The Christian Front renewed its demand for the patriarchs and all political parties to be aware of these dangers against the Christian existence.

The Front called for an uprising that restores the essence of the Christian history of resistance, and consolidates steadfastness and existence by abandoning the central system, which has weakened their presence and threatened their rights.

The Front called for a federal system that guarantees the consolidation of their existence, preserves their history and develop their society.

The Front appealed to the political parties and sovereign personalities of all denominations and ethnic components not to waste time, but seriously demand the international community to implement UN Resolution No. 1559, because it is the only solution to liberate Lebanon from the Iranian military occupation.