On 108th anniversary of Sayfo Genocide, Bethnahrin Patriotic Union in Iraq appealed to Iraqi parliament to considers the Sayfo a crime against humanity

ANKAWA, Iraq — The Bethnahrin National Union Party in Iraq (Huyodo Bethnahrin Athroyo, HBA) issued a statement on the108th anniversary of the Sayfo Genocide, which the Ottoman Empire committed against the Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean- Assyrian) people, and which the Turkish state continue to commit against the Christians, who are the indigenous people of Turkey.

Millions were killed in the Sayfo Genocide, including more than half a million Syriac martyr and a million displaced Syriacs. The Sayfo was the result of the Turkish racist, fanatical and terrorist ideology.

The HBA statement indicated that the Sayfo Genocide has become prominent in history of peoples’ annihilation, due to its large number of martyrs, horrible ways of killing, looting, rape and torture.

Therefore, the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) and its political institutions considered the Sayfo a pivotal issue. Despite the Sayfo tragedy, the MUB considered it a hope for a bright future for our generations.

The HBA statement indicated that 15th June was set as a Sayfo Remembrance Day, which lasted throughout the 1915.

“The Sayfo memory will remain in the blood of the descendants of those who survived, and the rest of our people across the world,” read the HBA statement.

The party pledged that it will continue to demand the blood and lands of Syriac people in the land of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), including Turkey.

The HBA will keep demanding the United Nations to include the Sayfo Genocide in the list of crimes against humanity, and consider it a genocide against the Syriac people.

The party appealed to all major decision-making powers in the UN Security Council and the United Nations to stand up against this heinous crime and bring justice of our oppressed people, who have been oppressed for a long time.

The HBA also appealed to the Iraqi parliament to enact a law that considers the Sayfo as a crime against humanity.