Bethnahrin National Council issues a statement on 23rd anniversary of its founding

BETH NAHRIN — The Beth Nahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a statement on the 23rd anniversary of its founding.

“We salute our people, families of the martyrs and the MUB supporters. Out of love for freedom, we have taken a historic step, and it will continue for decades. During the MUB first national constituent conference in the mountains of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia) in 2000, the political, organizational and national identity and structure of our struggle were made clear,” read the MUB statement.

Since then, the MUB has confronted the policies of denial practiced against our people in 1915, and the exclusionary mentality that emerged from the Lausanne Conference in 1923.

“With the beginning of struggle, we started in the mountains of Beth Nahrin for liberation from all those policies and oppressions,” the MUB added.

The MUB stated that, with the new struggle mentality, all political parties of our people confronted the policy of denial and preserved our national identity, heritage and sanctities in every part of the homeland.

The MUB declared that it faced difficulties during the long years of struggle, and some of the comrades were imprisoned in defense of the MUB project.

“Our comrades sacrificed their lives while confronting the extremist terrorist organizations that were targeting our people,” the MUB continued.

Among wars of our people fighters was the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) in both Syria and Iraq, to preserve our sanctities, churches, lands and people, in cooperation with other peoples who believe in coexistence.

“With our national democratic struggle, which takes gender equality as its basis, we have expanded our activity and presence in all arenas. We believe that our people have no other way left but to organize and struggle in the path of freedom, philosophy of life, equality and justice that was founded by the MUB,” the statement added.

“On this occasion, we call on our people and our comrades to fully carry out their duties and bear the responsibility entrusted to them,” the MUB concluded.