Co-Chair of Zalin Canton Council Gabriel Chamoun on Turkish drone attack: “We were targeted with three missiles”

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a public interview with Hawar News Agency and other media outlets, such as Suroyo FM, Co-Chair of the Zalin (Qamishli) Canton Council in North and East Syria Gabriel Chamoun, the sole survivor of the Turkish attack on Tuesday that targeted himself, Co-Chair Yusra Darwish, Deputy Co-Chair Laiman Shwesh, and member of the Council Furat Tuma during their return from official field tours to the local councils, revealed the details of the targeting.

“We were targeted with three missiles, one of which was on the left side of the car, on the driver’s seat, which led to the fire under the car,” said Chamoun. “I felt Tuma’s body fall beside me. I removed his body to be able to open the front door and exit. After that, I realized that it was an attack, not a traffic accident as I thought.”

Chamoun added that Tuma was martyred instantly, because the missile fell near where he was driving. “I tried to save Darwish and Shwesh, who had lost consciousness after the targeting, but I was unable to open the door and save them, because the car was engulfed in flames,” he added, indicating that he rushed to the workers in the neighboring farms, asking for help.

“When the workers approached the car, the Turkish occupation targeted the car with two other missiles, which made them fear and retreat,” he continued, expressing his deep sadness because he could not save his colleagues.

“Our path and work are fraught with dangers,” Chamoun said. “The recent Turkish escalation is related to the Autonomous Administration’s announcement that it will prosecute [Islamic State] members.”

Chamoun stated that they would not be deterred by Turkish aggression. “We will continue our path of struggle,” he concluded.