Chaldean Archbishop Jacques Ishaq and Archimandrite Philotheos Vardakis passed away

ANKAWA, Iraq / ACRE, Israel — After suffering from illness, Chaldean Archbishop Jacques Ishaq passed away on Thursday in Ankawa in Iraq.

The archbishop’s real name is Kamil, and he was born at Mosul, Iraq in 1938. He was ordained priest in June 1963, and in May 1997, he was appointed as archbishop of Erbil.  He retired on 4th May, 1999.

He wrote many articles in Christian thought magazines, such as Beth Nahrin Magazine and The Star of the East Magazine. The archbishop held the position of editor-in-chief until his death. He wrote many books, especially in the field of liturgy. He is one of the most prominent contemporary intellectuals of the Chaldean Church, and he exerted great efforts in transmitting the word of God and enriching the ancient oriental rituals.

In other news, The Holy Sepulchre Brotherhood announced the departure to the Lord of its distinguished member Archimandrite Philotheos Vardakis.

He passed away at noon on Thursday, as a result of a fall from a high scaffolding, where he was repairing a wall of the Monastery of Saint George in Acre- Ptolemais, where he served as Patriarchal Representative.

His Funeral Service will be performed on Saturday, 24th June, 2023, in the chapel of Agia Thekla of the Central Monastery of the Holy Sepulcher Brotherhood, at 11:00 a.m.