IRAQ: Salahaddin University holds Syriac Research Conference in Erbil

ERBIL — On 21st June, the 2nd National Arbca Ilo Conference for Syriac Research and Eastern Syriac Dialect was held in the Syriac Museum Hall in Ankawa, northern Iraq.

The two-day conference was titled “Stabilization and Revival of Syriac Language in Beth Nahrin.”

The conference was sponsored by the Salahaddin University, in cooperation with the private Berlin University and Cambridge University.

A number of archbishops, officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, representatives of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people’s national parties and organizations, representatives of civil society organizations, academics, researchers and Syriac language scholars participated in the conference.

During the conference, several speeches were delivered that indicated the rich history of the Syriac language, which is considered the mother tongue in Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia). The importance and role of Syriac language in translating texts and writing was also stressed.

The attendees also presented research papers for the development and preservation of the Syriac language.